Monday, May 21, 2018

2018 Canaan Opener & The Annual Penguin 2-Day School!

Two Can't-Miss Two Day Events
2018 Riding Series #2: Mastering Your Inputs
2018 Canaan Opener &
The Annual Penguin 2-Day School!
 Top 3 things to know for June
  1.  June 3-4 Canaan - NESBC Saturday, Under 500cc Sunday (Small Bikes Welcome) and two days of track time, coaching and fun!
  2.  2018 Penguin riding series article #2Start and finish each corner properly with inputs in pairs!
  3. NHMS June 13-14 Our most popular event of the year will be here before you know it, be sure to sign up before we sell out!
Canaan June 3 & 4 - weekend track event with Sat. NESBC &
Sun. Sub 500cc & New Rider Group 
Come check out our track days with optional (just for fun) separate races for track day riders & Novice/Amateur racers at day's end. Plus two purse paying classes for Moto America Jr Cup bikes & motard racers! 

Back for 2018! Team/Mentor Program  Form teams (up to 4 riders + 1 mentor) and compete for prizes and fun and a big year end cash jackpot! Riding and working together is great fun!

Small Bikes, Newer & Younger Riders?
We have a place for you!!
Don't miss the track days with the most fun - we have a place for all riders from new to advanced!

Riding like it was in the "Good Old Days"

Have you got a small bike (Z125, Grom, Vintage Bike, Mini Moto) that you want to ride on a great track? Do you have a young (12-18) rider or a new track rider who wants to try a track day in a perfect atmosphere? Introducing the Penguin"Under 500cc" group at Canaan Motor Club on June 3rd, 2018. This group will rotate with our regular riding sessions.
NHMS 2 Day School - June 13/14
Our #1 event of the year - don't miss it!
  • Proven to drop times & raise confidence
  • Guaranteed 1 on 1 attention each day
  • Tons of track time (we mean it!)
  • Get ready for the Loudon Classic!
STREET RIDER or RACER - ride FASTER with LOWER RISK! Two days to learn, test and correct techniques with top expert coaches each day.  

Testimonial:  "The two day school was a turning point for me. I had been on a plateau for a couple seasons and had a major breakthrough. I dropped 2 seconds the following weekend and then ANOTHER 1.5 seconds the weekend after that. I feel 100% in control and can still see more time, thanks again for such a great school." - S.B. 
Inputs in pairs - Starting and Finishing your inputs correctly
Things on a motorcycle happen very quickly. The key to avoiding problems is often to do all you can from getting them started in the first place. This month we'll talk about the (very high) importance of the way you apply and release your inputs to the controls.

Let us know what you want to hear about next month - CLICK HERE

Penguin Racing School Inc | 978-400-8204 | Fax 866-434-5199 


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