Tuesday, March 7, 2017

5 weeks and counting before NJMP!!

Spring is just around the corner and we've got a new (very limited) event at NJMP.
Plus, win a Ninja 300, schedule updates & read 2017 Riding Series #2: Can bikes crash themselves?
5 weeks and counting before NJMP!!
Here are our Top 3 things this month 
  1. New Event, NJMP April 8-9. Super small (8 person max) class to help you get 2017 started off right.  Reserve your spot now!  
  2. Win a 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 300  and support the air fence raffle
  3. 2017 Penguin riding series article #2.  At the bottom is a link to an article to get you thinking about riding before the season starts!

Our friends at TPM are running a track day at NJMP Thunderbolt, and we offering a special class packed with information!
  • 8 riders max
  • Detailed track strategy & line selection
  • Body position drills and feedback
  • Braking, Roll Speed and Drive techniques
  • Track walk (sections) each day
  • Individual attention
Learn to Fly Members can optionally participate in the track day only at a discount  - CLICK HERE
Support rider safety by purchasing (1 or more) raffle tickets for a 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 300!  $50 per ticket and only 200 tickets will be sold.

Proceeds from the raffle will go towards the purchase of Air Fence to be used at Penguin events.  Improve safety, win a new bike
NESBC 2017 - weekend track events3 Canaan dates, 1 NHMS date!
Tracks days with optional (just for fun) races for track day riders, novices/amateurs, plus two  purse paying classes for F300 & motard racers!

New! Team/Mentor Program  Form teams (up to 4 riders + 1 mentor) and compete for prizes and fun and a $1500 year end cash jackpot!  Riding and working together is great fun!

Read this to get your wheels turning for 2017
Fear of crashing is the #1 thing that holds riders back.  This month we talk about the most important skill to develop if you want to ride faster with less risk.  

Don't be the next guy to fly a GSXR!
Can bikes crash themselves? - CLICK HERE
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