Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pre Entry Discount for April 29th ends in 5 days!

Pre Entry Discount for April 29th ends in 5 days!

Bonus Article - Top 3 mods for your track day bike
April 29th 2016 Discount Deadline 5 days away
The season will be here before you know it. Save $45 on your event or $25 on racer practice by signing up by April 19th!

Save More Money with Learn to Fly
In addition to early registration Learn to Fly members save even more:
  • Up to $75 per event - LTF Plus
  • Up to $25 per event - LTF
  • LTF Practice - Under $108 per day
  • Product discounts and members benefits for all levels!
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NESBC at Canaan, NH
2 day events at Canaan with an all-new  opportunity during the Sunday track days: NESBC racing.  Think beer-league ski racing for track days!  Form teams, win championships, measure progress and HAVE FUN!  Plus, 2 purse paying classes for racers - Motard and Formula 300!

3 Things to do to a track bike
So, you've got a new bike and want to play on the track - great!  Here are some suggestions on where to start first. 

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