Saturday, April 14, 2018

Event #1 April 27th at NHMS

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  • License Certification, Track Experience, Advanced & Racer Practice

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2018 Schedule

5 Tracks, 18 Days. Whether you're looking for track time, high-level coaching, friendly competition or a safe place to try the track we have a place for you.

Check out some of the special events!!

Youth riders, newer track riders and
small bike riders (Z125, Grom, etc...)
See what everyone is talking about.
These are track days with Penguin
coaching and a "fun" race at the end of
the day. Low pressure - serious fun!
The best event each year for increasing
confidence and dropping lap times!
Open to all brands, this day includes
lots of special features, prizes and
opportunities. Don't miss it!
Guest instructor Jason DiSalvo is just
one of the cool features for this special
event. Ride with the pro's!!
  • NHMS 2 Day Scho
Start 2018 by being in the right position: FREE Article
Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference. You have a ton going on as you enter a corner. Just a partial list is to understand the strategy, see all your references, close the throttle, apply the brakes, initiate the turn, adjust your trajectory, release your input and open the throttle.

If there was something simple that you could do that would increase your focus, accuracy, traction and feel would you do it? We start 2018 with a focus on a basic (and often overlooked) thing to do on the entrance of each corner.

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