Friday, August 5, 2016

Summer is over when?!?

Summer is over when?!?
Quick!  Before it's over!!  Cheer up the poor puppy above and come out to our last couple events before the school buses start rolling and leaves start falling ..... we've got two great opportunities in August!
Loudon August 12th

Max Discount Deadline
at Midnight Tonight!
Walk in registrations are accepted, but you can get the best rates by signing up early for our Track Experience, License Certification, Advanced or Racer practice groups today!  Rental bikes and gear availalble, and you can even stay for the LRRS event over the weekend! 

Canaan August 28 & 29

The final Canaan Event of 2016  
Ride Sunday or Monday (or save when you ride BOTH)  We've got several Track Experience groups, a racer practice group, PLUS an exclusive Women's Only group on Monday the 29th (complete with top female coaches).  Click the Canaan link above for more information!

The all mighty stop watch
 At Penguin, one of the most important things we hope to give our riders are the tools for self analysis.  After all, we can't turn the throttle, squeeze the brake lever or hold the bike for you - it's up to you do decide what you are ready to ride harder.  We hope this article will give you a couple ideas regarding how you can use both technology and a traditional analysis tool to measure your results on the track!                                

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