Wednesday, May 27, 2015

June 17/18 Loudon Penguin Road Racing 2 Day School

On these two days, June 17th and 18th, we offer a Licensing Certification class on Wednesday the 17th and LRRS Practice on Thursday the 18th only. On both days you can attend our Advanced Rider Class or come and enjoy your machine in our track Experience Group.

This will also be the first NHMS event were we have Kawasaki KXF450 Motard bikes available.


These two days are also the 2nd and 3rd day of our Penguin 3 Day June Racer Performance Improvement Guarantee. Be sure to sign up for the June 8th event at Thompson to be part of this program.

We are also offering 3 separate Track Experience Events
6/8 Thompson, 8/3 Thompson, 8/24 NHMS

Track Experience Events - Top 4 Questions

  1. Classroom Time?  Opportunity to learn is available, but not mandatory.  If you want to learn, we have an unbelievable staff that can answer any question you've got.  If you want to just ride, the only classroom that is required is the very first one.  
  2. But you're Penguin Racing School!  This is the #1 misconception out there.  While our Track Experience Dates often have one racer group, the majority of our groups are a Track Day type experience.  Most riders on these dates are NOT racers - by design!
  3. Can I get licensed on these days?   No, you cannot.  If you want to get started in racing, join one of our 7 dates that precede the LRRS race weekends.
  4. I'm not ready for Penguin.  The #2 misconception out there.  These days are designed to be a comfortable place to ride your bike.  While not an MSF course, they are a great place to ride for anyone comfortable with riding a street bike.  Track Experience days are the place for you!

Track Experience Testimonial - 
“Before attending, I was worried about aggressive riding and race passing. I’m happy to say that I did not find this to be true – in fact the experience was the opposite. The combination of well presented information from some of the most skilled instructors available, and well sized on-track groups that offered plenty of room to safely practice (even in the fastest group) made for what was likely the most educational single day I’ve had on a motorcycle. Whether you are trying to take seconds off your lap times or are a newer rider wanting to learn how to ride safer and with more confidence, a day with the Penguin crew will offer you the tools to accomplish your goals while having a great time riding.” - I.B., July 2014

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