Thursday, May 10, 2018

2018 Canaan Opener & The Annual Penguin 2-Day School!

Two Can't-Miss Two Day Events
2018 Riding Series #2: Mastering Your Inputs
2018 Canaan Opener &
The Annual Penguin 2-Day School!
 Top 3 things to know for June
  1.  June 3-4 Canaan - NESBC Saturday, Under 500cc Sunday (Small Bikes Welcome) and two days of track time, coaching and fun!
  2.  2018 Penguin riding series article #2Start and finish each corner properly with inputs in pairs!
  3. NHMS June 13-14 Our most popular event of the year will be here before you know it, be sure to sign up before we sell out!
Canaan June 3 & 4 - weekend track event with Sat. NESBC &
Sun. Sub 500cc & New Rider Group 
Come check out our track days with optional (just for fun) separate races for track day riders & Novice/Amateur racers at day's end. Plus two purse paying classes for Moto America Jr Cup bikes & motard racers! 

Back for 2018! Team/Mentor Program  Form teams (up to 4 riders + 1 mentor) and compete for prizes and fun and a big year end cash jackpot! Riding and working together is great fun!

Small Bikes, Newer & Younger Riders?
We have a place for you!!
Don't miss the track days with the most fun - we have a place for all riders from new to advanced!

Riding like it was in the "Good Old Days"

Have you got a small bike (Z125, Grom, Vintage Bike, Mini Moto) that you want to ride on a great track? Do you have a young (12-18) rider or a new track rider who wants to try a track day in a perfect atmosphere? Introducing the Penguin "Under 500cc" group at Canaan Motor Club on June 3rd, 2018. This group will rotate with our regular riding sessions.
NHMS 2 Day School - June 13/14
Our #1 event of the year - don't miss it!
  • Proven to drop times & raise confidence
  • Guaranteed 1 on 1 attention each day
  • Tons of track time (we mean it!)
  • Get ready for the Loudon Classic!
STREET RIDER or RACER - ride FASTER with LOWER RISK! Two days to learn, test and correct techniques with top expert coaches each day.  

Testimonial:  "The two day school was a turning point for me. I had been on a plateau for a couple seasons and had a major breakthrough. I dropped 2 seconds the following weekend and then ANOTHER 1.5 seconds the weekend after that. I feel 100% in control and can still see more time, thanks again for such a great school." - S.B. 
Inputs in pairs - Starting and Finishing your inputs correctly
Things on a motorcycle happen very quickly. The key to avoiding problems is often to do all you can from getting them started in the first place. This month we'll talk about the (very high) importance of the way you apply and release your inputs to the controls.

Let us know what you want to hear about next month - CLICK HERE

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Event #1 April 27th at NHMS

Early Registration Discounts end April 17th - SIGN UP NOW

  • License Certification, Track Experience, Advanced & Racer Practice

Get your year started right!!

Looking for deals? Join Learn to Fly!
  • Save up to 30% on Track Time 
  • Sponsorship level 10-50% OFF deals on select Parts & Services
  • FREE Event Fee Crash Insurance
  • FREE Rain/No Show Insurance (LTF Plus)
  • Exclusive member benefits - Bring a friend, partner share events & more
2018 Schedule

5 Tracks, 18 Days. Whether you're looking for track time, high-level coaching, friendly competition or a safe place to try the track we have a place for you.

Check out some of the special events!!

Youth riders, newer track riders and
small bike riders (Z125, Grom, etc...)
See what everyone is talking about.
These are track days with Penguin
coaching and a "fun" race at the end of
the day. Low pressure - serious fun!
The best event each year for increasing
confidence and dropping lap times!
Open to all brands, this day includes
lots of special features, prizes and
opportunities. Don't miss it!
Guest instructor Jason DiSalvo is just
one of the cool features for this special
event. Ride with the pro's!!
  • NHMS 2 Day Scho
Start 2018 by being in the right position: FREE Article
Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference. You have a ton going on as you enter a corner. Just a partial list is to understand the strategy, see all your references, close the throttle, apply the brakes, initiate the turn, adjust your trajectory, release your input and open the throttle.

If there was something simple that you could do that would increase your focus, accuracy, traction and feel would you do it? We start 2018 with a focus on a basic (and often overlooked) thing to do on the entrance of each corner.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Penguin School is going to Homestead Miami Speedway - rider slots filling up fast but there may still room for you.

Heading South in December!
Way back in 1996, Penguin was the very first event at the brand new Homestead Miami Speedway. We love this facility and are excited to be making our way back there on December 1st!

Space is limited so be sure to sign up early!

CCS Racing December 2 & 3
  • For those of you who want to stay to race, CCS is running on the Saturday & Sunday following the Penguin event.
  • Pre Entry forms can be found here: CCS FLORIDA ENTRY FORM

The season finale is a ton of fun for all! If you've never been to Homestead, check out the video at the left, we LOVE this place!

  • Track day Riders - Penguin's Track Experience Course will provide tons of track time PLUS valuable insights from top Expert Coaches
  • Racers - Get the extra edge you need to finish the season on a high note. Our coaches have decades of AMA pro experience racing and we have spent a lot of time at Homestead.

Rental Equipment - Available for the Friday Penguin day and Saturday /Sunday for CCS racing.

Penguin Riding Series October 2017 - inputs in pairs
This month we talk about a key concept that will make your bike smoother on every entrance, setting you up to feel more feedback, change direction faster and get back to the throttle sooner!


We love this track, which has a fantastic layout and the feel of a pure road course. Space is limited, so you'll want to sign up early. Penguin will help put riders together from the Northeast who want to pool their resources together and caravan down. Penguin Friday, December 1 & CCS Racing on December 2 & 3!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

October NHMS Pre-Registration & The Keys to Proper Exit RPM

October NHMS Pre-Registration & The Keys to Proper Exit RPM
It's almost over!
Be sure to get out and enjoy this beautiful fall we are having. We'll be breaking out shovels before long, and all we'll get to do with our bikes for a few months is to throw money at them (which is not all bad, but I'll take track time anytime!)

Best pricing for October 6 ends at Midnight tonight!

  • Our last NHMS event of the season, featuring all three classroom groups plus racer practice.
  • If you've ever wanted to try racing, LRRS has a great program that separates new riders
  • from experienced ones and in October the license fee is the lowest it is all season
  • (along with 1/2 price race entries and FREE transponder rentals).

The season finale is a ton of fun for all!
  • Racers & Experienced Track day Riders - try the Advanced Course and finish the year on a high note
  • New Racers -

Rental Bikes - Available for the Friday Penguin day and Saturday /Sunday for LRRS racing. If you complete the Basic course Friday, you can stay and ride with LRRS Saturday and Sunday!

See the video to see our Basic Course mock start and a lap around NHMS with Eric Wood
There is more time to be had on corner exits than anywhere else on the racetrack. Let's look at some key check points to be sure you finish the season (and the corner) strong!


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