Friday, August 5, 2016

Summer is over when?!?

Summer is over when?!?
Quick!  Before it's over!!  Cheer up the poor puppy above and come out to our last couple events before the school buses start rolling and leaves start falling ..... we've got two great opportunities in August!
Loudon August 12th

Max Discount Deadline
at Midnight Tonight!
Walk in registrations are accepted, but you can get the best rates by signing up early for our Track Experience, License Certification, Advanced or Racer practice groups today!  Rental bikes and gear availalble, and you can even stay for the LRRS event over the weekend! 

Canaan August 28 & 29

The final Canaan Event of 2016  
Ride Sunday or Monday (or save when you ride BOTH)  We've got several Track Experience groups, a racer practice group, PLUS an exclusive Women's Only group on Monday the 29th (complete with top female coaches).  Click the Canaan link above for more information!

The all mighty stop watch
 At Penguin, one of the most important things we hope to give our riders are the tools for self analysis.  After all, we can't turn the throttle, squeeze the brake lever or hold the bike for you - it's up to you do decide what you are ready to ride harder.  We hope this article will give you a couple ideas regarding how you can use both technology and a traditional analysis tool to measure your results on the track!                                

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Special women's group during our Monday August 29th track day at Canaan, NH

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Women riders - Penguin has a special women's group during our Monday August 29th track day at Canaan, NH. It's a fantastic place to experience the track in a super-fun, low pressure environment. Guys - does your wife or girlfriend have a bike but is a bit tentative to try the track? Read this testimonial from last weekend -
"I wanted to send a big, huge THANK YOU to you and your entire crew!!! I had an absolute blast, and couldn't have asked for a better first track day experience. I learned so so much, and can not believe what I could accomplish, all thanks to your awesome team! Everyone was wonderful, patient, and the entire day was just fantastic!" Tania - Canaan, NH 7/11/16
Remaining 2016 Penguin events at Canaan:             
August 28 & 29
Brand new track - 50% longer than it was at our test event in 2015!  This track is a ton a fun, and now features a 1300 foot straight with a wide open, banked 30 degree kink in the middle.  This 12 corner track has banked, uphill, downhill and off camber corners that will prove to be a great time for riders at all levels.  Courses and separate groups for all levels of riders for both days at each event.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Want to see what you and your motorcycle are capable of?

Two more events at Canaan Speedway with Penguin Road Racing School.
Track-day and introduction to racing

Canaan Fair Speedway - Lap with Shane Narbonne - June 2016 

Penguin Racing School Holds Inaugural NESBC Race Event At Cannan Fair Speedway
CLICK HERE for more information

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Canaan & NHMS 2 Day Event Updates

Canaan & NHMS 2 Day Event Updates + Riding Series #3, The Value of Quick Turns
Two Great Events in June!
Summer is here, and Penguin has double Two-Day events this June with new features and opportunities for everyone.  Don't miss our FREE riding techniques article at the bottom of this email!
  • Discount deadline - Extended 3 days to 5/28 for Canaan
  • FREE race entries (optional) for Street Bike & Novice riders on 6/5
  • Single day registration now available for both events.
  • Partner Share space at Limerock on May 30
Need a great fathers day gift?  GIFT CERTIFICATES HERE

June 4-5 at Canaan, NH
Discounted Registration until 5/28!
Track days with divisions for riders at all levels. Come check out this fantastic new track for one or both days!

Sunday June 5th
Optional (low pressure) races for track day riders and two real deal purse paying classes for racers.  Form teams (up to 5 riders) and compete for money, prizes and fun!

CLICK HERE to register
NHMS 2 Day School June 15-16
Our Signature School of the Season!
If you want to improve your skills and drop your times, this is the event for you!  Come join us for two days of 1 on 1 attention, and fantastic instruction!  Single day registration available.

"The two day school was the best two days I've ever spent at the track.  I dropped over 3 seconds per lap and feel 100% safer.  I may even start racing now!"      

CLICK HERE to register
Partner Share Event May 30th
Team Pro Motion at Limerock
Our Learn to Fly Members have access to select Team Pro Motion events, including May 30th at Limerock, CT.  Limited space left in Novice & Expert groups.  LTF Members clock below to register                                                

Click Here for registration form
Ride Faster & Safer with Quick Turns
One of the most important skills when it comes to dropping time AND lowering risk.  Learn how these things go hand in hand by checking out the article below.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Penguin Riding School - Street Rider Track Day Events

Penguin Riding School  has three Street Rider Track Day Events planned at the New Canaan track in New Hampshire.These are two day events and are open to all riders!

Come ride with us on your favorite country road with no distractions - Just you and your motorcycle.
Brand new track - 50% longer than it was at our test event in 2015! This track is a ton a fun, and now features a 1300 foot straight with a wide open, banked 30 degree kink in the middle. This 12 corner track has banked, uphill, downhill and off camber corners that will prove to be a great time for riders at all levels. Courses for all level of riders at each event.

(3) two-day Penguin events at Canaan in 2016
(June 4th and 5th, July 10th and 11th, August 28th and 29th)
  • Track days with lots of opportunity to learn from the PRS expert staff
  • Riders may participate for any single day for $250, or ride both days FOR $450
  • CCS AM/EX Licensed racers may participate as Racer Practice riders for $180/day 
  • Learn to Fly Members save $15 to $75 per day
  • The Sunday of each two day event will feature NESBC races (fun, sportsman "racing") as one group in the riding rotation
    • NESBC races are optional add-ons for all participants - you can race or just enjoy watching between sessions
    • Classes for riders at all levels (plus team competition) & track day riders participate on track day bikes (no race prep)
    • Races are free for all track day level riders who attend all three Sunday events - Link for 3 pack deal 
    • The NESBC license certification course is free with the Sunday track day and will not interrupt any riding time
    • Check out the Sponsorship and prizes we have received for these races

3 Riding Groups
Lots of track time
Awards, food and fun Sunday night right after the event
Camping on site available

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pre Entry Discount for April 29th ends in 5 days!

Pre Entry Discount for April 29th ends in 5 days!

Bonus Article - Top 3 mods for your track day bike
April 29th 2016 Discount Deadline 5 days away
The season will be here before you know it. Save $45 on your event or $25 on racer practice by signing up by April 19th!

Save More Money with Learn to Fly
In addition to early registration Learn to Fly members save even more:
  • Up to $75 per event - LTF Plus
  • Up to $25 per event - LTF
  • LTF Practice - Under $108 per day
  • Product discounts and members benefits for all levels!
Click here for details
NESBC at Canaan, NH
2 day events at Canaan with an all-new  opportunity during the Sunday track days: NESBC racing.  Think beer-league ski racing for track days!  Form teams, win championships, measure progress and HAVE FUN!  Plus, 2 purse paying classes for racers - Motard and Formula 300!

3 Things to do to a track bike
So, you've got a new bike and want to play on the track - great!  Here are some suggestions on where to start first. 

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