Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our First two day Canaan event for 2017

There is nothing you can buy for your bike that will match the results from this event!
The 2 Day NHMS School ( #1 way to drop your lap times)
Canaan NESBC 2 Day weekend track days
(more features, more fun PLUS cash & prizes)
Plus a free free riding article at the bottom
Our #1 event of the season for over 20 years!
  • Proven success year after year - riders consistently break through time barriers, riding both faster and with less risk
  • Guaranteed!  All you need to do is give it your full effort and we'll guarantee to make you a better rider or your money back!
  • Two Day Program gives you the time to really test and apply new concepts, creating lasting improvements.
  • Up close and personal - Guaranteed 1 on 1 attention each day
  • Small commitments - big results!  Our 2 day system has proven to help thousands of riders make LONG TERM improvements to their riding - not just at NHMS but everywhere you ever ride your bike!    
  • 2 Day Discount deadline - ends Monday June 5th!
  • Street Riders, Track Day Riders & Racers - separate classes and track time to ensure the best possible environment for fun & learning
  • Single day registration available
  2017 2 Day School Contest / Giveaway
This year we will pick a MOST IMPROVED student who will get a FREE extra day
with Penguin at Canaan, NH in 2017 as part of our NESBC Series.

Need a great Father's Day gift?  GIFT CERTIFICATES HERE
NHMS 2 Day School June 14-15
Our Signature School of the Season!
If you want to improve your skills and drop your times, this is the event for you! 

Come join us for two days of 1 on 1 attention and fantastic instruction!  Single day registration available, licensed racer practice Thursday 1-7PM.

"The two day school was the best two days I've ever spent at the track.  I dropped over 3 seconds per lap and feel 100% safer.  I may even start racing now!"        

CLICK HERE to register
1 on 1 Attention will help you master both your motorcycle and NHMS!!
CAANAN June 3rd & 4th

Interested in FUN more than anything else?

Do you long for the "old days" at the track?

Do you like work together with friends?

Do you you like cash and prizes?

Then Caanan NESBC is for you!

The Big Three Focus Points
There are literally hundreds of things that can grab your attention around the racetrack.  Some are more important than others, and this month we focus on the big three that are the critical building blocks for each corner.

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