Friday, April 3, 2015

Track Days with Rider Training for all levels

The Penguin School, founded in 1973, is the oldest motorcycle track school in the nation.  We are nationally known for racing certification and advanced rider training as well as street rider training for Track Day enthusiasts.

Our "Track Experience" class features a curriculum geared towards street riders.

Our Goals:
  • Create a safer and more knowledgeable street rider population
  • Promote the passion we have for the sport and the lifestyle of motorcycling
  • Build confidence in newer riders and teach experienced riders advanced skills
  • Improve line selection, braking, cornering and acceleration techniques
  • Teach observation skills to make street riders more aware of their surroundings
  • Explain not just "what" to do, but also break down the physics of "why" so riders can make changes with confidence. 

Become a better safer street rider and come join us in our step by step process to build your skill levels and knowledge, while mixing in the fun and thrills of the track.

If you enjoy spending days riding and learning at the race track we have our Learn to Fly (LTF) Memberships that will save you money every time you ride the track as well as on many products supplied by our school sponsors.
Visit our website for more information on these memberships and to check out our 16 event 2015 schedule.  CLICK HERE

2015 Partner Events with Team Pro Motion

These are track day events with Team Pro Motion that all Penguin Learn to Fly Members have access to at special rates for 2015.
See Our Website for more information.

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