Thursday, January 22, 2015

Learn to Fly - 2015 Memberships

All Penguin Track Day, Race School and Racer Practice Enthusiasts!

Are you that person who shows up at almost every Penguin event we offer?
Have you seen our Learn to Fly Membership packages that will save you money and offer you some great discounts on our events and supporters products?
If you plan on riding with us more than 3 times this year you need the LTF Basic, plan to ride more than 4 times then the LTF Plus is for you. (LRRS Practice deals are also available)

What’s in it for you?

  •           Discounts on every school & Track Day
  •        Discounts on "practice only" Days
  •           A Free Collectable Penguin School tee-shirt
  •           Crash and Mechanical Insurance
  •           Free Team Promotion Pass ($99 value)
  •        Rain and no show insurance
  •           Bring a friend and receive credits
  •           If your friend buys LTF that day - more credits to you
  •           Discounts at participating dealers
  •           Product discounts from our school's sponsors
  •           Free Kawasaki Demo Rides

Sign Up today to be ready for the 2015 season

105 Baldwinville Road, Winchendon, MA 01475

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